Luther Strange: People of Alabama are fed up with lying politicians

U.S. Senator Luther Strange speaks at the Huntsville Madison County Chamber of Commerce Washington Update Luncheon at the Von Braun Center in Huntsville, Ala. Wednesday May 31st. (Bob Gathany /

By U.S. Senator Luther Strange

The people of Alabama are fed up. They are tired of politicians who lie to them, and they are sick of elected officials who’ve been in Washington so long they’ve forgotten why they ran in the first place. Washington, D.C., as President Trump has put it, has become a swamp where the public good is far from most politicians’ minds.

What I see in Washington reminds me of what I saw in Montgomery when I was first elected Alabama’s Attorney General. In Montgomery, corruption was the problem, so I assembled the finest public corruption prosecution team in the country. Their work wasn’t always popular with the mainstream media or the local politicians. We didn’t let that stop us. Instead, we prosecuted a Speaker of the House who had sold his office for personal gain and sent a message to every elected official in Alabama that corruption wouldn’t be tolerated. And when Governor Bentley resigned his office, it was my team that put together the evidence that finally forced him to do the right thing.

There’s corruption in Washington, too, but the real problem is more subtle. It’s apathy, born of public officials spending too much time inside the Beltway and too little time with the constituents they represent. And it leads to promises broken and the people forgotten.

When Jeff Sessions represented us in the United States Senate, he never fell victim to this apathy, and when I was honored with the opportunity to fill his shoes, I committed to following his example.

So when I became your Senator, I made three promises:

I promised to carry on Jeff Session’s legacy of fighting for the conservative values we believe in. I promised to help pass the Trump agenda and serve the people’s interest, not the special interests. And I promised to help Donald Trump drain the swamp in Washington. Every day, I’ve worked to make those promises a reality.

I drafted and proposed a law to secure our borders and build the border wall–and make the sanctuary cities pay for it. I have introduced the most conservative pro-life legislation in the history of the Senate, declaring that life begins at fertilization and that the unborn deserve the same Constitutional protections we have. And I have continued my fight to protect the Second Amendment by introducing legislation to rollback Obama’s efforts to curtail our God-given rights.

Fighting for these common sense proposals hasn’t been easy. I’ve got the fake news stories and the angry #NeverTrump politicians and PACs to show for it. But we are just getting started, and we have a lot of work left to do – repealing Obamacare, reforming our tax code, rebuilding our military and rolling back job-killing regulations.

President Obama had eight years to pass bad legislation and enact poorly conceived executive orders that grew the size of government and shrunk the freedoms–and the paychecks–of the American people. While I was Attorney General, we fought back against many of these proposals, and we won, too. Now we need to finish the job in the Senate.

There’s an election coming up, and in that election the people of our state will choose their next Senator. I am asking for your vote to finish the work we have begun. Draining a swamp is hard work, but it’s worth it. And it’s what the people of Alabama deserve. has invited each of the candidates for United States Senate to submit one op-ed ahead of the August 15 primary.

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