Durham Nc Is a Great Place to Live If You Work in Education

Durham NC is a great place to live if you work in education. This is especially true if you are seeking employment at a college, university, or other educational institution of higher learning.

A number of the nation’s most prestigious colleges are centered in this area, and they are also some of the biggest schools in the state of North Carolina. Durham is home to Duke University, but Chapel Hill is only minutes away and home to the University of North Carolina’s primary campus.

Raleigh is not too distant either and home to North Carolina State University. Yet another Atlantic Coast Conference school with many tens of thousands of students, Wake Forest, is also within a decent daily commuting distance. On top of that, smaller or lesser-known schools like the University of North Carolina Greensboro are within a practical commute too.

Collectively, the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill “Triangle” area has hundreds of thousands of college and university students who need teaching. That’s on top of the fact that this multiple-county metropolitan area rivals Charlotte as the largest population center in the state, meaning there are also hundreds of thousands of elementary, middle, and high school students also needing an education. Wake County’s school system alone is one of the biggest in this state, which ranks in top ten in population nationally.

Quality of life is very high in this area, thanks to sprawling suburbs and lots of space. Winters are very mild, and Interstates 40, 85, and 95 provide easy access to many nearby regions for travel, be it business or pleasure. The beaches of the Atlantic are not too far to the east, and the Appalachian Mountains are only hours to the west. Durham is a great place to live and travel out of.