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Highlighting North Carolina’s opioid problem, Attorney General Stein visits Durham’s TROSA



The demographics of the men and women enrolled at Triangle Residential Options for Substance Abusers have changed dramatically in recent years as opioid usage has grown across the country.

In 2017, about 40 percent of the 500 people in TROSA’s rehabilitative programs are there because of an addiction to prescription opiates or heroin. That number was only 15 percent in 2010.

And the population has grown increasingly younger, too.

In the past two years, nearly all of the growth at TROSA has come from those under the age of 35, while the older population there has remained constant, according to TROSA Chief Operating Officer Keith Artin.

For many the story started similarly: abusing a prescription for an opiate painkiller after a broken arm or wisdom-teeth surgery.


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Notes from North Carolina: Full Frame’s Director on Engaging Outside the Triangle


I’d like to take a moment to slow things down a bit. In the current political climate, we find ourselves in unfamiliar territory. Amid the tectonic shifts underfoot, funding for the arts, including support for the NEA and by extension, Full Frame, may be at risk. Our world has changed – or so it seems.
Recently, I have been approached by several organizations about launching “rapid response” documentary teams in the South, and nationwide. Making documentaries suddenly seems more urgent, more needed and more relevant than ever, and a documentary film festival embedded here in the South seems like a natural partner.
Conversely, ever since the North Carolina legislature passed HB2 (aka The Bathroom Bill) last March, I have received many emails from out-of-state attendees, filmmakers and spons...

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